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Virtual Private Server

VPS Hosting

Each VPS web hosting package comes with certain disk storage, web traffic and central processing unit usage limitations.

Virtual Private Server

'NTC Hosting' is one of the top web hosting providers that are distributing a bouquet of VPS hosting packages.

VPS Solutions

It is essentially like a dedicated web hosting server, but a virtual private hosting server costs only a fraction of the price of a dedicated hosting server.

VPS Web Hosting

At '' you can take a peek at a few different VPS hosting plans that come with invoicing and client support software solutions.


Up until a few years ago, the sole means to obtain a powerful webspace hosting package was to purchase a dedicated server. Now you can get a VPS and have the advantages of a dedicated server without paying so for one.

VPS Service

A VPS web server is a virtual private hosting server set up on a physical hosting server, which enables everyone to acquire their own web server to accommodate web site content.